photobioreactor using LED lighting tubesWelcome to Algaedyne

Contact:  Toby Kinkaid info@solardyne.com

Algae is valuable for the specific proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (oils), anti-oxidants, organic dyes, vitamins, and other useful molecules.

Algaedyne has developed a “Photon Injector” which injects useful wavelengths of light into a water column for growing algae.  As an aquatic species algae, cyanobacteria, and diatoms respond to specific wavelengths available to them within the water.  When light enters a growing vessel, either from internal or external sources, the photons are either “absorbed” or “diffracted.”

The single greatest challenge for growing algae is to distribute relatively even and specific wavelengths into the water column at depth.  In the natural world sunlight enters a water column from the surface to depth.  Surfaces will reflect a certain percentage of incident photon energy, as well as refract, and diffract (due to particulates in the water) to produce a “randomized” distribution.  Photons can travel in all directions when diffracted by the algae themselves or other particulates.  The great challenge is overcome “light inhibition.”  This is a condition when algae are in a high growth phase, and due to this high growth typically near the surface where light is relatively abundant begins to shade the algae at lower depth.

As algae grow they tend to shade algae at lower depth and this inhibits their growth.

Injecting photons using Algaedyne’s methods insure that more active photons are able to reach taxa growing within the water column.

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